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Note 6

Maskinfabriksaktiebolaget Scania (Machine factory Scania Inc.) f. 1900 in Malmö. Scania took over the operation from the English owned Svenska Aktiebolaget Humber & Co producing Humber velocipedes from 1896.
Investor AB acquired Scania AB shares owned by Stockholms Enskilda Bank in 1916, both Investor AB and the bank were Wallenberg controlled.
Scania bought the operation and also produced velocipedes until 1909, but mainly precision cogwheels and steel-rolls. Scania produced the first cars for sale, a series of 5 cars in 1903 called Scania Type A. Type A  very similar to the French car Aster.
The engine used is a 1,85 L, 2-cylinder 8 horsepower engine from Kämper in Germany. Car no 4 of 5 produced is on display at Scania Museum in Södertälje.
In 1902 Scania built their first truck, production for customers started 1908.
In 1909 a Scania truck made a famous 3-day 520 km test-and promotion- trip with axles equipped with SKFs newly invented spherical ball bearings.
Scania approached Vabis with a proposal for cooperation that led to a contract in November 30 1910 to merge the companies. VABIS had profitability problems with and merged with Scania in 1911 to form Scania-Vabis AB,  HQ in Malmö until 1913. The shares in Scania were valued at 3 times the value of Vabis shares. Engines and cars would be manufactured in Södertälje, trucks and buses in Malmö until 1926.



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