SAAB  Veteranerna

Sources for Roots of Saab and Notes.

Bofors . “En kanonindustris historia” av Birger Steckze’n
Bofors. History of a Cannon industry printed by Esselte Aktiebolag, Stockholm 1946.

SKF- Världsföretaget. 1907-2007, by Martin Fritz and Birgit Karlsson
ISBN 978-91-7736-575-4 Informationsförlaget Stockholm
English version. SKF- A global company 1907-2007

Svenska Flygplan,
Den svenska flygindustrins Historia by Lennart Andersson.
(History of Swedish Aviation Industry) written for Publisher “Allt om Hobby”,
Box 42006, 12612 Stockholm, 1990. The best book on Swedish Aviation.
ISBN 91-85496-33-2

Aktiebolaget Svenska Järnvägsverkstäderna in Linköping 1907-1972
av Bengt-Åke Rundström (red) Swedish language only.
Published by Trafik-Nostalgiska Förlaget 2007. ISBN789-91-85305-45-2

Linköpingskarosserier. By Bengt-Åke Rudström, Bus-bodies from Linköping
Published by Trafik-Nostalgiska Förlaget 2012 ISBN 978-91-86275-97-6

En bok om Saab-Scania (A book about Saab-Scania) Rolf Erichs et al, 1987, Streiffert,
ISBN 91-7886-014-8. Issued to Saab 50 year jubilee by Saab Scania AB.
English language version “The Saab-Scania story” ISBN 91-7886-024-5.
I do recommend reading the book, has a lot of information and pictures for all business areas in Saab-Scania AB, concentrated on Saab products.

Scania 100 år - 1891-1991 (Scania 100 years) by Kaj Sandell, Bo Streiffert et al.
Published by Saab-Scania AB, Scaniadivisionen 1990.
ISBN 91-7886-065-2
Available in English, German, French and Finnish languages.

SAAB 75 år (SAAB 75 years) by Ulf Edlund, Arne Fagerstedt, Hans Kampf,
Published 2012 by Svensk Flyghistorisk Förening (
ISSN 1100-9837. A cooperation between Svensk Flyghistorisk Förening (Swedish Aviation Historical Society) and Veteranklubben Saab Linköping.
Short history of Saab and its background and information on airplane types used by Swedish Air Force from 1931 onwards. A very readable, trustworthy 40 pages booklet.
Page 39 contains a list of Swedish Aviation literature published 1977-2007.

Flygvapennytt 3/97, Saab 60 År by Gert Peterson (Air Force News 3-97- Saab 60 years)
Swedish language only.

NOHAB Locomotives by NOHAB Trollhättan, Sweden
NOHAB No. 733. (Info from 1st locomotive to ca 1967)
Faksimil from Trafik-Nostalgiska Förlaget, 2010.
Not available in English

Four Biographies about members of Wallenberg family in Swedish

1  - Wallenbergs, by Staffan Tjerneld, 1969, Bonniers Förlag

2  - Att förvalta sitt pund. Marcus Wallenberg 1899-1982, by Ulf Olsson, 2009
      Ekerlids förlag, ISBN 91-88595-75-7

3  - Wallenberg. Ett familjeimperium , Gunnar Wetterberg, 2013
      978-91-0-013416-7. Albert Bonnier Förlag,

4  - Finansfursten K.A. Wallenberg 1853-1938 by Ulf Olsson 2006,
      Bokfärlaget Atlantis. ISBN 91-73531-36-7


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